3 Steps to Financial Safety during National Safety Month

financial security
Summer presents many opportunities to practice safety in the sun, water, and bank. You put sunscreen on your skin to protect yourself from the sun and wear a lifejacket to stay protected in the water, so we feel it is necessary to take precautions to stay protected financially. Celebrate National Safety Month with First Security State Bank! Listed here are several steps for practicing financial safety.
Step 1
Online banking is a common trend banks everywhere are picking up on. Whether you download an app on your phone or receive text message updates, banking can now be done with the touch of a finger. While this may save time and energy, it also creates more risks. The internet is accessed by millions every day and it is important to take steps to secure your online account. Create a strong password, change it frequently, and don’t share it with anyone. Install a firewall protection on your computer and keep up with all security updates.
Step 2
Avoid scams as best possible. Today email scams are increasing and especially dangerous. If you question whether an email source is legitimate, contact them from information provided in a phone book, not what they have provided. If you have received an email asking for financial information, confirm the source is legitimate before responding.
Step 3
Work closely with financial institutions and certified professionals to ensure the best advice possible. First Security State Bank would love to be your go to bank for all financial questions and concerns.
When it comes to money, there is no messing around. We hope you take the time and ask the right questions to ensure your best safety. Our previous blog suggested ways to save during the summer months. We invite you to read it and get started on your savings account at First Security State Bank today!