4 Tips for Saving On Food This Summer

saving on food
Food seems to surround some of the best times of life. From Thanksgiving dinner to the cutting of a wedding cake, food is an important part of celebrations. People value food and the time with friends and family while enjoying it. While food can make moments memorable, it can also break the budget. This summer we want to draw your attention to ways of saving on food purchases.  While food is bought year round and produce goes in and out of season, we would like to focus on special ways you can save during the summer. This is the perfect opportunity to try new foods and gain better shopping habits.  First Security State Bank wants to provide you with several ideas to save. We invite you to stop in or give us a call today to serve your financial needs.
Couponing is a habit you can start today! Search your local paper and online for deals near you. Taking a little extra time out of your day before visiting the store can add up to big savings.
While searching for good deals in the paper, be sure you are getting a good deal at the store as well. Some companies manipulate the size of packages to get more bang out of their buck. If you have noticed a smaller portion size with the same price, reevaluate if the purchase is necessary.
Gardening can be a hobby for the whole family! Plant your own vegetables for fresh and easy access. Consider a gardening container for easier planting, watering, and weeding. Whether you want a garden in your back yard or a small container on the side of your house, find what works for you and enjoy the sun outdoors while making big savings!
If you don’t want to garden yourself, farmer’s markets are a great place to go. The produce is often locally grown and sold, and requires little packaging and transportation. The middle man is eliminated and you save money.  Make marketing a fun activity and serve your family and friends fresh food!
We hope you take these saving tips into consideration next time you are making your grocery list, which is also recommend to avoid unnecessary purchases. First Security State Bank values your hard earned money and we want to see it put to use in the best way possible. By saving more on food, you may have extra cash to spend on your sweet summer getaway. We wish a safe and financially smart summer!