6 Step to Stay Safe from Identity Theft

Take extra steps to protect your identity and finances.

Take extra steps to protect your identity and finances.

Identity theft can take place in the form of financial fraud, medical identity theft, social security theft, child identity theft, and others. The best way to stay protected from these is to take preventative measures and be aware of how they occur. Thieves go to great lengths to obtain personal information from people to open accounts, wire money, and make false identities.

First Security State Bank values you and your hard earned money, which is why we want to provide you with six safety steps to take to be protected from identity theft.

Step 1 – Check your bank account activity at least once a week to ensure no suspicious activity is occurring. With an online banking account, you will easily be able to quickly view it from many different places and alert your bank if you notice suspicious action.

Step 2 – Shred important documents instead of throwing them in the garbage. It will become nearly impossible for someone to locate a document with your financial and personal information on it.

Step 3 – Use complex passwords with a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols. Don’t use the same one for all accounts and don’t store it near your computer.

Step 4 – Be on guard when using an ATM. Someone could steal your card or watch the password you type in.

Step 5 – Watch your emails for links that contain spam. If you ever receive an email asking for personal or banking information, verify it is legitimate before replying.

Step 6 – When banking and shopping online, check to make sure the sites security is enabled. A site with “https://” or “shttp:” are secure, while one with “http://” is not secure.

Step 7 –Use the I.D. Theft Smart service from First Security State Bank to protect your identity, detect threats to your identity and restore your identity if it is compromised.

Next time you think about throwing your bills away or using an ATM, we hope you remember these tips. Take proactive actions and remember that we offer safe deposit boxes in five different sizes to store your important documents and items. Stay as safe as possible and we hope to see you soon at First Security State Bank.