6 Strange, but AMAZING Ways to Save

Coins in a jam jar

Finding small ways to save can add up to larger funds

As we head into the cooler months of fall and winter, food prices may begin to rise at the grocery store. This will likely change many people’s shopping lists. But coupon clipping is not the only way to save big anymore! FSSB wants to share some of our tips, tools and tricks that can cut back your grocery bill.
Grocery shop less often – This is one of the easiest ways to cut back on food costs each month. It not only keeps you from buying items you don’t need but also forces you to create meals out of the food that you already have!
Use price-comparison tools – Many retailers now have price match features where they will match the price of a competitor if it is a better deal than their own. This is made easier through various apps that will show you the lowest price for an item you are about to buy.
Shop on Wednesdays – Many grocery stores start new sales mid-week so Wednesday shoppers get first access to the new deals. Additionally, stores will often honor the previous week’s coupons for extra savings.
Check the store’s app – Before you hit the store, check out the different shopping lists, recipe builders and comparable prices that the retailer may offer through their app. Some stores even offer reward points and deals if you use their tools.
Coupon Codes – Coupons are easier than ever to come by. They can be found on retailer websites, social media, emails and coupon sites. The best coupons can be found at the beginning of the month so planning your meals in advance can make for big savings.
You have probably already heard many of the standard budgets and saving tips but try out a few of these creative ways to get more out of each paycheck. October is one of the months that sees a higher than average volume of coupon code releases according to DealNews.com. Take advantage of the abundance of savings! First State Security Bank offers online banking and the Shazam Bolts app for an added convenience. Stop by either location today to set up a new account!