Break Hearts, Not the Bank: Four Things NOT to Buy for Valentine’s Day

Here are some items you should NOT buy for Valentine's Day.

Here are some items you should NOT buy for Valentine’s Day.

According to a survey by the National Retail Federation, Americans spend over $17 billion celebrating love on Valentine’s Day. If you haven’t bought a Valentine’s Day (which is on Saturday, if you need a reminder) gift for your loved one yet, First Security State Bank has some ways you can get a better deal this year. You can save some major bucks on these four things when retailers slash prices after February 14.

Chocolate – There are always affordable boxes of chocolates available. But if you are looking for something special, you may be better off surprising him or her with this special treat in a few weeks. The gift boxes of chocolates usually get marked down by as much as 50 percent later on.

Jewelry – Some retailers offer discounts on jewelry before Valentine’s Day. But if you hold off for a week or two after Valentine’s Day, many stores will majorly reduce prices.

Perfume – Perfume sales typically peak during Christmas and Valentine’s Day. This means that retailers tend to mark down prices after these holidays have passed. Websites dedicated to selling perfume usually have the best sales in March.

Roses – Most people expect red roses to be more expensive on Valentine’s Day. This price increase can be due to demand as well as the labor needed to harvest and ship the 257 million roses that were produced for Valentine’s Day last year.

We just made Valentine’s Day more difficult by telling you not to buy the go-to gifts, didn’t we? Don’t worry! We have some ways to help you avoid paying the full retail price for gifts this year.

Coupons – Look for store-wide coupons for department stores that carry jewelry, perfume and chocolates. Online florists often offer promotional codes as well.

Compare – Rather than wandering around the mall in hopes of finding a reasonably-priced gift, plan ahead. Compare prices online for the specific items you want to buy.

Alternatives – Opt for an orchid, bouquet of tulips or a potted flower rather than pricey red roses. According to a poll by iVillage, women said they preferred a romantic dinner over anything else, including expensive jewelry. Finding a unique way to show someone how much you love and appreciate them is the best route to take.

Don’t let Valentine’s Day take over your budget this month! You don’t need to overspend to have a special day with your sweetheart! For more budgeting and spending tips, talk to the experts at First Security State Bank.