Cool Your Home for Less: 5 Steps to Cut Cooling Costs

Week 2 Post 2

Discover 5 ways to save money on air conditioning during the hot summer months.

This summer is a great opportunity to improve your home’s cooling efficiency. Life has many expenses that come from bills, children, hobbies, and more. There are constant financial demands that can be overwhelming. One of the best ways to manage your finances is to look for ways to save. Air conditioning is an added expense during the summer that can be reduced with 5 steps found below. First Security State Bank values the hard work you put into earning your money and we want to see it be put to the best possible use.
#1 Weather stripping doors can help seal cool air inside. It can seep out from cracks under doors and through windows making your air conditioner over work to keep up.
#2 Avoid using the oven and stove to keep the house cool. These appliances add expenses to your energy bill and heat up the house quickly. A microwave or toaster oven can replace the larger appliances whenever needed.
#3 Curtains are a great tool used to block the sun and shade the interior of the home. They should be installed on the east and west sides of the house for the most protection.
#4 Do not cool unused rooms. Keep them closed off and save money.
#5 An automatic setback on your thermostat can be installed to allow the air to start shortly before you return home. This will stop your air conditioner from working during unnecessary times.
We hope you find these tips helpful when looking for ways to cut spending. This summer should be spent outdoors making memories with family and friends. We encourage you to stop by or call First Security State Bank to provide you with your personal and business banking needs.