Holiday Season Traditions for Your Family to Try

holiday traditions

Decorating the tree, singing carols, playing in the snow… it may not feel like the holidays without participating in these time-tested traditions. Make the season even more memorable with a new tradition or two that uniquely brings your family together, courtesy of First Security State Bank!

Invent a crazy dinner: Enjoy some time away from cooking in the kitchen this holiday season. Start a new tradition and bring the whole family to the grocery store to choose a $3-$5 item each, to be a part of this exciting family dinner. Kids can choose delicious treats not normally found in a household dinner, and siblings can join together to purchase larger more delectable items. Bring your goodies home and create a one of a kind feast that encompasses each of the relatives’ ingredients. This will be a dinner to be remembered and will turn into a story that continues to be shared until the next family holiday!

Decorate the tree skirt: Purchase a simple single color tree skirt from your nearest dollar store or big box depo.  Trace your child’s hand on the outside with a black sharpie, writing in their name and age until they are able to do so. Track their growth each year as you add an annual handprint underneath the tree.

Update the holiday memory book: Find a scrapbook around the house or at your nearest craft store. Pull a blank page from the book and write down your family’s highs and lows for the past year, below it attach your family’s holiday card. During your annual holiday gathering pass the book to your guests, asking them to do the same. Now you have a treasured book with the year’s celebrations showcasing each of your extended family.

Tour the town: Snuggle up in comfy pajamas, coats, and soft blankets all while piling into the family vehicle. Tour around town to discover the best light displays and exhibits. Read your local paper ahead of time to find the best illuminated neighborhoods and businesses. Take a tally as you go, and vote at the end of the trip which light show was the fan favorite. Bonus points for piping hot cocoa and a stowaway of holiday treats to share.

Write keepsake letters: Each year on this special holiday, take several minutes to write a letter to each of your kids sharing stories of gifts, reactions, and excitements that made this occasion special for them. Detail the silly stories and include your aspirations for them in the coming year. Keep these letters in a small keepsake box to share with each child upon their eighteenth birthday.

Operation Holiday Cheer: It’s better to give than to receive! Find ways to lift up your neighbors, friends, and members of the community this season through simple kind gestures. Lead by example in showing your children how to give back to others through shoveling snow, hanging lights, or baking treats, all for the betterment of another person. They will get to experience the joy of giving to others with no expectations or strings attached.

We wish you and your family a happy holidays from your friends at First Security State Bank!