Tailgating Tips

Have fun and save some cash while tailgating this season.

Have fun and save some cash while tailgating this season.

Autumn is a favorite season for many folks and we have a pretty good guess on why that is: it’s football season! Whether you are a Panther fan, Hawk fan or a Cyclone fan, we know that a good tailgate can make for an even better game. However, all of the supplies that make up a tailgate can become costly and hinder your tailgating experience.

First Security State Bank wants to help you enjoy tailgating this football season without breaking your budget. Consider these tips when heading to tailgate at your next football game:

  1. Buy in Bulk – If you plan to tailgate for as many games as you can, consider buying in bulk when purchasing items like meat, plates, napkins and silverware. It may cost more up front, but will save you in the end if you plan to tailgate for lots of games.
  2. Team up – Instead of having one person in charge of food and drinks, talk with your friends and family about bringing a dish of their own to the tailgate. You can never go wrong with “potluck style”!
  3. Homemade meals – If you are planning to bring a lot of food to a tailgate, your best bet to save on costs is by making your dishes at home from scratch. Although prepared food bought from the store is more convenient, these food items can be expensive and add up quickly leaving you spending way more than you initially planned.
  4. DIY Decorations – Around this time each year, stores start selling game day apparel and decorations. Although these items are tempting, it can be costly to buy all of your game day decorations from the store. If you want to spruce up your tailgate with some decorations, look into DIY projects and crafts instead of buying them straight from the shelf.

We hope that your favorite team has a great season and, more importantly, that you have lots of fun while saving at your game day tailgate!

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